Nicholas Papaspyrou
8/2016 - 5/2019

Second Level Support Specialist

LG CNS Co. Ltd, Athens, Greece

  • Responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of the entrance control systems in all Metro and Suburban Railway Stations
  • Stock management, preparation, and execution of purchase orders regarding spare parts
  • Management of Technical Staff teams (30+ persons) Design and continuous updates of training material for Technical Staff (Operation and
    Maintenance manuals)
  • Training and evaluation of Technical Staff
  • Communication with well-known organizations and companies related to the Project (OASA, STASY, TRAINOSE, OSE, OSY, TERNA ENERGY, GEK-TERNA, HST(Hellenic Smart Ticket), GUNNEBO, ASIS Electronics, etc.)
  • Representative of the company during SLA delinquency (Financial matter)
  • Participation in all Contractual matters
  • Contractual obligation alignment, Contract Revisions, Change Orders, as well as preparation of Contract Material such as as-built drawings, electrical blueprints etc.
  • Representative of LG CNS to Hellenic Aerospace Industry(EAB) for the use of spectrum analyzer in anechoic chamber and execution of related tests on AFCS equipment
  • The only representative of LG CNS to Prima Laboratories in Como, Italy for testing purposes of AFCS equipment with a view of certification regarding the latest Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Safety standards
  • Responsible for the interconnection of the AFCS Equipment with the Fire detection system and BACS (Building Automation and Control System) in all Metro Lines and Stations