Nicholas Papaspyrou

Nicholas J. Papaspyrou

DevOps Engineer

Hello, I am Nicholas Papaspyrou, a passionate and dedicated DevOps Engineer committed to driving team success through meticulous work and excellent organizational skills. With a solid foundation in managing complex operations and meeting demanding deadlines, I am proficient in delivering high-quality results in a fast-paced environment. I am always motivated to expand my knowledge and grow professionally, not just within the IT industry but also in any field that values innovation and dynamic contributions. I look forward to leveraging my skills to bring exciting and forward-thinking solutions to new challenges.

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May 11, 1991


Alimos, Attiki, Greece


• Greek - Native
• English

I was born in Athens, Greece, and spent my childhood in the city of Piraeus. After finishing high school, I succeeded in gaining admission to the prestigious National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the only school of Applied Sciences in my country. However, the economic crisis of 2009 prompted me to seek immediate employment opportunities, which led me to put my studies on hold. Since then, I have been committed to gaining hands-on experience in various professional roles, always seeking the best opportunities to learn and grow. Despite my professional endeavors, I am dedicated to completing my MSc at NTUA, continuously returning to my studies to ensure my academic goals are met.

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Troubleshooting requires a unique blend of persistence and patience—qualities I pride myself on possessing. My experience has taught me that staying determined while methodically addressing issues leads to effective solutions and continuous improvement. I am confident in my ability to tackle challenges head-on and find innovative solutions, no matter how complex.

Business Planning

Can you imagine someone who cares about your business as much as you do? Look no further—you’ve found that person! With a deep commitment to understanding and supporting your unique needs, I bring dedication and expertise to ensure your business thrives.

Web & UX

I am deeply fascinated by the intricacies of User Experience (UX) design. My passion drives me to continually explore the latest trends and best practices in the field, often spending hours researching and taking notes on new ideas. This dedication ensures that I stay at the forefront of UX innovation, bringing fresh, user-centric perspectives to every project.


National Technical University of Athens
MSc. Applied Mathematics And Physical Sciences
• Orientation of Applied Mechanics & Computer Simulation
• Mathematics for Informatics & Computer Science


JR Technologies
JR Technologies 2021-Present
JR Technologies 2021-Present

DevOps Engineer

Nx2 Development 2021-Present
Nx2 Development 2021-Present

Jr. Web Developer

Pressidium 2020-2021
Pressidium 2020-2021

Technical Support / DevOps Engineer

LG CNS 2016-2019
LG CNS 2016-2019

Second Level Maintenance Engineer

OPAP Store 2015-2016
OPAP Store 2015-2016



Lab Trainee

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Positive Attitude 100%
Thinking Skills
Problem Solving 100%
Willingness to learn
Resilience 100%
Empathy 100%

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